Our approach to your

accounting and finance back-office operations

CPA Innovations will dedicate a team of professionals to work on client accounts. The team is experienced with all major accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Netsuite, Sage, SAP, Xero, among others.

Client Partner

The top-level review and high-level coordination with the CPA partner or client C-suite.

This person is typically a certified Chartered Accountant.



Daily review of staff work and most of the mid-level task performance.

This staff is typically highly experienced in accounting and finance, with advanced degrees in the field.

They may be on the track to complete their certification for Chartered Accountancy.


Staff Accountant(s)

The staff accountants deal with all transaction-level accounting. This staff is experienced in accounting and finance, and are college graduates with masters’ degree in accounting, finance, and commerce.


Quality Control

A dedicated team consisting of controllers and assistant controllers to ensure the quality standards are maintained and also sign-off completion of the project.

Constant and frequent communication is critical to success

We will adapt our communication infrastructure around your unique workflow.
All staff members are reachable by direct phone numbers, emails, and chat facilities.

At the start of the project, we will set up a reputed system for team management and communication.
We will work with you on communication processes to ensure that you experience the proximity of the team, regardless of the distance.

CPA Innovations’

success-proven workflow

back office accounting services

Achieve your business

success with access proven models.

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