Your ideal partner for reliable,
high-quality audit support and accounting operations.

Technology and scalable services to reduce costs and automate repeatable processes.

25+ Years of entrepreneurial success

Significant margin


Experienced and
certified accountants

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25+ Years of entrepreneurial success

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40% Increase in gross margin

process automation

Process Automation

certified accountants

Experienced and certified accountants

As an agile, adaptable company, we can fit into your clients' business processes regardless of which systems they use or their maturity level as a business.

Technology-enabled back-office

assurance and accounting operations
for companies in the US.

Transaction Accounting

All daily transaction accounting will be performed within 24 hours with no backlogs.

Dashboards and Reporting

Timely and insightful reporting can add significant value to any business.

Accounts Payable

Receive, process and obtain approvals for all vendor payments.

Accounts Receivable

Reconcile all receipts, including credit card payments, ACH, wire payments, etc.

Payroll Accounting

Process payroll reports and update the accounting systems accordingly.

Sales Tax filing

Monitor, reconcile and file sales taxes in each state.

Budgeting, Forecasting, KPIs and Reporting

We will coordinate with the C-Suite to assemble budgets and forecasts and provide reports as required for each client.

Tax preparation

We will liaise with tax accountants, auditors, and state agencies as necessary to support the CPA for completing tax returns.

Human Resources

The team is well versed in Payroll and associated systems from leading payroll firms. We can manage the process and ensure accuracy with government compliance.

Automating mundane tasks

for increased productivity and profitability

Many audit, tax, and accounting processes have been repeatable for some time now. Our automation and machine learning technology can take over these repeatable tasks to help you maximize margins and improve efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that simulates a person at a computer. These bots work 24 hours a day producing high-quality accurate results. Machine Learning (ML) technology continuously trains the “bots” to approach perfect quality over time.

CPA Innovations combines expertise with technology, by offering an excellent back-office in India and mastery of automation technology (RPA). Partnering with us will help your company scale and grow.

Scalability and quality

staff for accounting firms

Apart from the United States, India has the largest number of certified Chartered Accountants (CAs) in the world. Indian CAs are English-speaking educated professionals with a strong work ethic and extensive experience.

CPA Innovations ensures staff possesses critical thinking skills and technical proficiency at less than half the cost of a typical accounting staffer in the U.S.

outsourcing cpa work
outsourcing cpa work

We augment your process with teams led by Chartered Accountants and staffed by controllers and bookkeepers with advanced degrees in finance and business.

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